extreme tattoo for body places

Tattoos are a symbol of philosophy for the wearer. Not infrequently tattoos tell a personal story, with a variety of forms that understand the meaning of tattoos only related to his life. Tattoos commonly found on the body that we see commonly the hands, feet, back, head, but there are some people who want tattoos in other parts of the body. following tattoos on extreme body parts:

1. tattoo sclera

for you who want to try this type of tattoo, you should first identify the dangers that can be caused. Various risk of harm can make your eyes damaged if done by incorrect procedures.
2. Lips Tattoo
The tattoo on the mouth drawn around the lips or on the tongue is a rarely made tattoo, but this tattoo obscures his seer's view, and is very difficult to work on.
3.  Tongue tattoo
Tattoo tongue became very popular, the designs applied also more and more. In most cases, those who already have chosen to tattoo their tongue with a certain color. The procedure is very similar to the tattoos in other parts of your body. The tongue, like the skin, will swallow the pigment that has been stabbed by the needle.

Tattoo art is the art of drawing on the human body to express the sense of beauty. Many shapes and images that can be painted on the human body as well as the unique tattoo art painted on the genitals or around the genitals.
4. Tattoo V little girl who was crying

Various kinds of tattoo pictures and photo vagina is designed to give a sense of sensational for its owners and people who see it.