Blu-ray disc, The Flash First Season and 2 comple…

We’ve been seeing a lot of comic book television shows lately. Sometimes they start out strongly and other times they need to find their footing to establish the world and characters. With The Flash, the show started out on the right foot and maintained a great pace throughout the season.

New shows often have their high and low points. The Flash did a pretty good job balancing the task of introducing us to all the main characters and making us care about them while, at the same time, giving us high speed action and a bunch of villains to keep the heroes busy. There were some episodes where the story felt a little formulaic with a villain-of-the-week scenario. Still, the show managed to keep our attention and come up with ways that the villains wouldn't immediately get defeated by a guy that can move so incredibly fast.

The Blu-ray features great picture and sound, just as you would expect. The visual department for the show has to keep on their toes because of the quality. The surprising thing about the season is how quickly things escalated (no pun intended). It's great going back and re-watching the episodes, knowing where certain events are headed. All in all, it was a pretty strong season.

If you order the first season now iTunes, there will be a new season 2 featurette uploaded to go along with it that includes a pretty wide array of new nuggets on the series ahead. In it, executive producer Gabrielle Stanton teases heavily the presence of Earth-2 and everything awesome that comes along with it. Most notably, we’re going to see one of the biggest villains to date in Professor Zoom. This is someone who is stronger, sharper, and faster than Barry Allen, and someone still largely shrouded in mystery. While his name may be spoken in early episodes of the show, it may not be until later in the season when you actually see him.