Celebrity Big Brother :Married Austin Armacost br…

Austin Armacost and James Hill seem to enjoy sharing a bed again

Austin Armacost and James Hill have insisted they are just friends.

But in tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother, the pair had their housemates thinking otherwise - again.

In scenes aired on Channel 5 this evening, the gentleman were seen standing in the kitchen after having perhaps a little too much to drink.

Happily married Austin then guzzled James' neck, setting chins wagging in the Celebrity Big Brother house.
A little while later when the pair decided to go to bed together, fellow housemate Natasha Hamilton pointed out that their behaviour suggests they're more than pals.

"You’re just like two of the biggest flirts," she admitted. "There are plenty of single beds, love."

However, both Austin and James ignored her comment and enjoyed another night sleeping by each other's sides.

Fans of the pair will undoubtedly be glad to see them getting along so well after they recently fell out over James deciding to put the US star up for eviction.
Speaking about the situation, Austin said: “today’s the day that my best mate put me up for eviction and it feels like shit, I feel betrayed, I feel back-stabbed but it’s in the hands of the British public now,

Fortunately, the British public decided to keep him in the house.

Celebrity Big Brother is on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.