WWE, Seth Rollins, Steve Borden, Night of Champio…

Rollins will pull double duty at the pay-per-view as he defends his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Sting and his United States Championship against Cena—in what order, no one knows yet—and nothing like this has ever happened in the WWE. Literally ever.

Never has someone held both the United States and WWE Championship at the same time. Never has someone defended both titles on the same pay-per-view. Never has someone gone one-on-one with both the face of WCW and the face of the WWE in the same night.

Until now.

Rollins, at the young age of 29, has the biggest night of his career ahead of him at Night of Champions. Likewise, the WWE also has its biggest opportunity in quite some time to create a genuine superstar. Luckily for those who are on the creative team, there is actually precedent for this seemingly unprecedented event, too.