» » » » A Chromat dress outfitted with Intel Curie modules

The Chromat Aeros Sports Bra uses Curie sensors to gauge your heat level, and the bra will open vents and cool the body down. The dress uses the Curie modules to sense adrenaline and stress levels, so if stress levels are high, the dress will expand into an imposing shape.

Neither item is going on sale in stores, since the Intel Curie module has yet to be authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. But drumming up sales wasn’t really the point—for Intel, anyway. The Chromat show was meant as a display of what designers can do with the Curie module at their disposal. It’s also part of Intel’s push to expand its presence at New York’s biggest fashion event of the season, which the company is co-sponsoring along with companies like Lexus and Maybelline.

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