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The star is starring opposite Jesse Eisenberg in the directors unnamed new project, and work has begun ahead of its 2016 release.
Kristen looked amazing as filming continued in Manhattan's Chinatown on Friday, with her hair flicked up at the ends.
The 25-year-old star admitted she finds it frustrating that people consider her to be "unapproachable," reported Female First. 

"When I hear that people are intimated by me or think I'm reposed or unapproachable, I hate it. I'm always like, 'Dude, come up, say anything to me, I would love to engage with you.'" 

Thinking more philosophically, she added, "Most people find emotion or overwhelming feeling to be a weakness and I think that if you just own it, and you can live in it, you can utilise it and grow and be better."

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