Lauren Mayberry Singer-songwriter Chvrches

Lauren Mayberry, who wears a short black dress in the video for Leave A Trace, last month found herself the target of sexually offensive comments - and she fought back, taking a bold stance against online misogyny and bullying.
She says that she is looking forward to coming back to Singapore. The band played here twice last year, at Laneway in January and at their own show at The Coliseum in November.

Their fans here are quick to catch on to their new material, she notes.

"We had this song in the Hunger Games soundtrack and it had just come out when we played it in Singapore, but the people knew all the words. It was just so nice that people put so much time and passion into the band," she says, referring to the song, Dead Air, which was included in the soundtrack to sci-fi dystopian film Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.